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14/12/2007, 19h25
3 concepts size of Su-27:
f1 - hi-speed fighter/interceptor, main wing sweep 51*
expected max. speed at 14 000m = 2.6 M,
landing speed 115 kts at 9* pitch, needs optimization as
pitches down below 119kts.

f2 - very similar, main wing sweep 53*,
expected max. speed at 14 000m = 2.67 M, don't know which
flies better so included both.

Interceptor - main wing sweep 57*,
expected speed = 2.9 M,
lands smoothly at < 120kts despite "small" wings.

Painting included for f1 for less file size, copy/rename for
others. There are protruding weapons pylons on the pics,
have been corrected for planes in the pack.


14/12/2007, 19h28
Joystick settings used for testing: full non-linear
anf full-realizm.
Joystick - Logitech Force 3D Pro no feedback.

15/12/2007, 10h15
awesome plane ! thanks crisp :wink: