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02/01/2010, 18h33
Canard - FSW hybrid and FSW Berkut-type fighters.
Both need some further work on but already fly well. Manouevrability is just unprecedented
and first is very agile at the same time.
Planes are for X-Plane 8.64!. Both fly in 9.40 but the throttle gets restricted in
32-43% power so flying is far from 100%, conversion to 9.40 in Plane Maker doesn't help
on my comp, maybe someone will be more lucky.

Canard-FSW hybrid may appear an attractive scheme, as
1. The length of FSW wing is almost twice shorter than Berkut has.
2. Mechanical stress may be distributed over the whole canard section, if have
the wing frame common for both sections.
3. The vibrations will be absorbed much better due to much bigger area of wings contact
with fuselage, compared to Berkut.
4. The air stream from the place of FSW and canard sections contact doesn't crash into the
rudders making their work difficult like in case of Berkut.
5. The design is rather stealthy, with most wing edges parallel to each other, and rudders are
rather small, though working effectively.

Landing speed for both may be around 93 kts at 13-15 degrees pitch.
Both demonstrate high responce to pitching at speeds less than 120 kts and full flaps even without throttle
(because of FSW wings), which gives more chance to avoid catastrophe for aricraft landings.

Canard-FSW hybrid, download:
FSW Berkut-type:

Canard-FSW hybrid: