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03/12/2010, 14h08
Hello SimPilots,

sorry, I don't speak French.

My problem with zone photo :

I cannot download the tiles for the Alpes ( France, Suisse ).
When I have downloaded 50% , the download stops and I will get an error message about damaged zip archive.
I already tried several times , no chance...

With Spain there was absolutely no problem !

Is there anybody who could provide the tiles for the Alpes on DVD ( of course I will pay for all costs ) ?

It's absolutely annoying , that the download is broken ( after more than one hour ).

I really like that photo scenery ...

Or, could anybody give me a mail for the authors : Pikki and Daniel ????
So I could ask them for the tiles on DVD ...

Safe Landing


03/12/2010, 14h33
Hello Thomas

I had for a long time the same problem
It does not come from the photo scenery file.
It is just a problem with my provider and the dowload stop at about 850 Mo.

I went through this problème by using Opera instead of Internet Explorer or Safari.
With Opera the download stop, but i have no bug, no problem, when i ask him to continue

I wish you a good time with these wonderful photo sceneries

03/12/2010, 15h10
You can try to use a download manager, it should help. Just configure it for using only one connection at a time.

03/12/2010, 19h40
With Opera download manager, you can use this add-on : Down Them All!, it will help you to download files entirely. For example, if your download stops, down them all! is able to save your downloading file and restart it automatically.

04/12/2010, 10h49
Hello SimPilots,

thank you very much for the fast replies !

The idea with the download manager " Down Them All!" was great ; just outstanding success !

- 3xtimes faster than my default downloads via firefox.
- until now I have downloaded the tiles "Albertville,Grenoble, Lyon" ; no problems (tried 13 times in front) !!

I really appreciate this fantastic photoscenery project; thanks to the team ... great idea .

I remember times when the freeware spirit was the same with Microsoft Flightsimulator ( so long ago ;-( ...
I have been using the x-plane simulator for just four weeks.
I really like x-plane 9.62 ; especially flight dynamic.
Unfortunately I heard about the problem with the "one man development ideology" .
I spoke with some skilled panel and cockpit indicator designers.
There advanced avionic systems aren't allowed to be built in x-plane.
If Mr Austin doesn't allow other designers to develop x-plane, the potential will be lost ...
What a nonsense: a flight simulator cannot be developed in the brain of one guy !!!
Microsoft understood that it needs third party designers and development teams .

Just by the way:

Is there a freeware photoscenery project (like for France,Spain,Suisse and so on...) which covers the area of

- Great Britain (including Scotland)

- British Columbia (Inside Passage area / Rocky Mountains)

- South Alaska ( Final Frontier area )

- Germany

Best Regards

& Safe Landing


04/12/2010, 11h31

- 3xtimes faster than my default downloads via firefox.


You should configure it not to have 3 connections at a time, in order to save some bandwith for other donwnloaders :)