Voir la version complète : It would be nice to see this translated into French

Leen de Jager
31/03/2016, 12h53

Leen de Jager

26/09/2016, 19h15
I thing you can use Google Traslate to have a bulk translation.

28/09/2016, 10h29
No translation needed, he is the author.

Leen de Jager
28/09/2016, 11h04
I wrote "It would be nice to see this translated into French"
So I asked for a translation INTO French( for a certain person who showed having some problems with copy-rights)
I think the guy involved already has made his own translation and understands he`s been watched.



29/09/2016, 22h41
Leen de Jager devient … fatigant !

Qu'i s'insurge quand on pirate ses oeuvres, je veux bien…
… mais qu'il se mette à jouer les inquisiteurs du copyright (si j'ai bien traduit sa mise au pilori, merci google) ça devient un peu lourd !
qu'il règle ça directement avec les personnes concernées, par mail privé si nécessaire, mais qu'il arrête de prendre les forum en otage !!

Merci !

Google traduction, je ne parle pas anglais !
Google translation, I do not speak English!

Leen de Jager becomes ... tiring!

I pirate protested when his works, I will ...
... But he starts to play the inquisitors of the copyright (If I translate correctly its pilloried, thank you Google) it gets a little heavy!
we rule it directly with those affected by private email if necessary, but he stops taking them hostage forum !!

Thank you

Leen de Jager
29/09/2016, 23h44
I agree with you (partially) , sending mails and personal messages always come first and is the best and most civilised way to solve the problem.
BUT if that does not work, my method works most effective.

Whenever I bring a case to the pillory , its after having contact by mail and/or PM.
Then ( and only then when that does not help) I choose for the hard approach.( without naming people directly, just by mentioning similarities in paintworks and other sim-add-ons )

You are entiteld to experience it as tiring.
It really helps against piracy and thats what its ment for.

Best regards

Leen de Jager