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Update Toliss A321 disponible

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  • Update Toliss A321 disponible

    Update en version 1.6.2

    The detailled change log is:

    Changes from V1.6.1:

    New feature:
    - New ISCS option to allow rudder pedals to fully deflect the nose wheel in VR mode in XP12.

    Bug fixes:
    - Fixed logic for ELAC/SEC reversion to backup power supply
    - Changed RMP logic to maintain VHF selection during power transients
    - Fixed the ENG1 PWG engine fan blade animation (A321 neo only)
    - Fixed Cargo door animations
    - Fixed APU flap animations
    - Increased LOC reception range to values higher than the database value (which is the minimum distance with guaranteed accuracy)
    - Fixed issue with new FAC logic that could lead to loss of A/THR during power transients
    - Improved Dept RWY remapping on situation load
    - Added Overheat indication on HYD SD as appropriate
    - Updated A321LR and XLR fuel synoptic page to newer standard
    - Improved logic for MCDU class II messages
    - Maintain VHF selection in the RMPs during power tranients
    - Fixed issue with EFB TO Performance calculator when using AUTO flap setting.
    - Fixed issue with managed speed target during touch and goes.
    - Fixed issue with disappearing ISCS option for BUSS switches for A321 XLR.
    - Fixed a bug with the date on Wind and Flight plan data printouts

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    Bonjour Rafalec, Merci pour l'info

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      Salut, salut

      merci bien

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        Merci Rafalec. C'est fait.
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